Career Choice Craziness

The path to nowhere

Students Today are asked to spend huge amounts of time and money preparing themselves for career fields that they have no idea if they will actually be good at, or enjoy.

Our career choice is easily one of the biggest decisions we will make in our lives. It will be the thing that we will spend the majority of our adult life doing and become a large part of our identity. Forty hours a week for, at the minimum, around twenty years. Despite the huge amount of weight that goes into that decision, we make it with little or no actual knowledge or whether we will even like it!

Most of us try to be as reasonable as we can and just choose to be something we have seen, like a teacher or something our parents did or pushed us into. Some of us are braver and decide to do whatever crazy career Uncle Joe talked us into that one time at Thanksgiving dinner. No matter what influences our decision, if it is not real world experience and knowledge, chances are we'll get it wrong.


Somehow this has become just the way it is and unquestioningly accepted by all of us. But just because it was what we have always done doesn't make it smart or correct. You would not have to look very far to find several people who wished they had known what their jobs were really like before they invested so much time and money into them. Now they are stuck going down a path they disdain, feeling like they have put so much into it that there is no turning back now.

It is time to end the craziness. We all deserve the opportunity to find a Career that we will love, enjoy, and be productive doing. What better way is there to do this than by actually trying out the various careers that interest us? Shouldn’t we be able to test drive careers and find out if that path is really what we want to pursue?

LearnIRL is ending the craziness by giving students the opportunity to gain real world knowledge and experience by connecting them with real world professionals and businesses in their communities who let them test drive their careers! 

Students can use LearnIRL to find professionals and experts in the career fields they want to learn about. The professionals then bring the students into their workplace through job shadowing, or apprenticeships and show the students what their career field is really like, and what it takes to be successful.

If you are interested in becoming a software engineer, but not exactly sure if you'll like it? Take it for a test-drive and find out before you invest all the time and money required to pursue it.  You no longer have to guess or gamble with your future and happiness.

The sharing economy has finally given us the opportunity to test drive our dream jobs! Now we can access the knowledge and experiences that we all need to make wise educated choices about our careers.

Search for opportunities on LearnIRL today and take your dream job for a spin.