The AirBNB of Education

Real World Knowledge, Shared

Each and every community is rich with all kinds of professionals and experts with unique perspectives, industry knowledge, and incredible insights. LearnIRL wants to connect anyone wanting to take a real world approach to their education with these professionals and experts.

We share our homes, our cars, our chores, and even our pets in the shared economy. It’s time to share our knowledge, and we can do it through LearnIRL.


Education has been a part of the sharing economy since before the sharing economy was even a thing. The internet has miraculously made education accessible virtually everywhere with a WiFi signal. Despite all of this opportunity to connect to one another and to flatten the world and revolutionize the way we learn, the education being shared is still being done in a completely patronizing and industrialized way. The internet is about connecting people together, but these platforms only offer one way conversations from teachers who present their material in one size fits all lectures and presentations.

Learning has to be a two way conversation. As great as watching a video from Dave Ramsey on balancing your budget is, Dave is never going to understand your unique perspective or personal goals without having the ability to ask you some questions, and for you to share your very real and very unique issues and questions with him.

LearnIRL wants to use the internet's incredible ability to connect people across the world and in our communities to help us connect in real life, in real time, for real world learning experiences.

If you want to learn how to build a website, you could watch a youtube video and hope that they are building a site exactly like you want yours, or you could use LearnIRL to find an expert who will walk you through the process step by step and help you understand the concepts that matter to you. If you want to learn how to advertise, you could watch someone tell you all of the supposed “industry secrets” in a udemy course, or you could use LearnIRL to connect with an advertising expert in your community who uniquely understands your community, the people you want to serve, and will help you build a customized campaign to achieve your goals.


Real World Professionals, Experts, and Organizations can use LearnIRL to offer live, in person classes, lessons, consultations, apprenticeships, and even job shadowing opportunities to anyone who wants to gain the real world knowledge and skills under their guidance.

With LearnIRL, a real world approach to education is now available in the shared economy.