LearnIRL is partnering with Chambers of Commerce, just like yours, to empower communities with knowledge and opportunity.


Helping Members of your Community

By offering the LearnIRL platform you will be offering a simple and improved, real life approach to education. Each class offered through the LearnIRL platform is short term and taught by a real world professional or expert. Each class teaches real life applicable skills and has a maximum of 15 participants to ensure the students have a hands on and personalized learning experience.

Helping Businesses in your Community

By utilizing the LearnIRL platform through your Chamber of Commerce, businesses and professionals are enabled with an opportunity to earn additional income and engage new customers within your community by sharing their knowledge and expertise through practical, personalized learning experiences.

Helping your Chamber

Together we will bring education to the sharing economy in your community, providing a meaningful way to further your mission to support and benefit the businesses you serve. Introducing the LearnIRL program into your community can provide a significant source of additional revenue for your chamber in addition to increasing your membership and engagement with your local businesses. Chamber Partners earn $50 for every class held in their community, so a six class course would pay $300. 

How Your Chamber makes money

Chamber Partners earn $50 for every class held in their community, so a six class course would pay $300. Your Chamber can also earn up to an additional $50 for each class through facility fees.

How Do We Bring LearnIRL to Your Community


What Your Chamber Does

  • Identify opportunities for various classes within your community

  • Recruit professionals within your community to teach those classes

  • If needed, procure facilities for the classes.


What LearnIRL Does

  • Curate LearnIRL Course Curriculum's

  • LearnIRL Instructor Training and Support

  • Marketing and Advertising of the classes to the public through social media and other online resources

  • Secure Payment processing and class scheduling for student sign ups

  • Ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind through our innovative escrow payment platform

  • Student Support

  • Development and maintenance of the online LearnIRL platform

Take a look at our Chamber of Commerce Partnership Agreement

If you would like to discuss partnering your Chamber of Commerce with LearnIRL please contact us at 817-523-1607 or fill out the form below.

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