Community Ambassador Position Details

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Responsibilities of a Community Ambassador:

Building Relationships with Chambers of Commerce in your area

  • LearnIRL is built to work in coordination with Chambers of Commerce in each community. Your responsibility will be to help bring in Chambers of Commerce as LearnIRL partners and help them integrate the LearnIRL program into their community.

  • Recruit and encourage Chambers of Commerce in your area to become become partners with LearnIRL

  • Cultivating relationships with Chambers of Commerce members to help provide them with the support and resources they need to effectively introduce and integrate the LearnIRL platform into their communities.

  • For more information on how LearnIRL works with Chambers of Commerce, click here.

Quality Control

  • Attend classes as possible and assess the Instructors performance and assist them as needed to ensure that each class is offering the students the knowledge they need in a professional way that is in accordance with our core policies and principles


  • Promote the LearnIRL classes in your areas to increase enthusiasm and engagement among professionals and potential students

How Community Ambassadors make money

Profit Sharing

Community Ambassadors will take home 25% of net profit from classes they set up. This net profit is the gross profit minus the pay for the instructor, the facility, and the Chamber of Commerce for each class.

In Example: A personal finance class that has 6 separate, one hour sessions will pay a teacher a total of $300 for instructing all six sessions, another $300 facility fee, plus an additional $300 for the Chamber of Commerce. This results in total expenses of $900 for the entire course. Community Ambassadors are paid 25% of the remaining funds. The chart below demonstrates the amount community ambassadors will make from helping a Chamber set up just one 6 class course with $900 in expenses.

Pay Chart for a 6 Class Course

6 Students -
7 Students -
8 Students -
9 Students -
10 Students -
11 Students -
12 Students -
13 Students -
14 Students -
15 Students -


Your Area

We will work with you to create an area that fits your lifestyle and desired workload. Areas will can consist of up to 15 Chambers or more, or as few as one. The number of classes going on in an area at a time will be dependent on the individual area. But for hypothetical purposes, 30 classes happening in your area in one month with average attendance of 11 students would result in $5,625 in income for you as an ambassador.

Room for Growth

  • Community Ambassadors can and will be promoted to Regional Presidents who make their 25% for their classes, plus an additional 2% from each class that is set up by every area in their region.

  • Community Ambassadors who reach monthly milestones of at least $1800 in earnings also receive a 5% company wide net profit bonus that is split evenly among all qualifying LearnIRL team members.

  • If you have skills that you would love to utilize in other ways, we are quickly developing our corporate team. We are filling positions in curriculum curation, team support, customer support, in addition to c-level administrative roles.  

Independent Agents

Community Ambassadors are private contract partners with LearnIRL.  Meaning they will act as independent agents establishing their areas and setting up classes at their own discretion. No time clocks, no micromanaging, just you doing what you can to grow LearnIRL in your community. Not one person in the entire LearnIRL organization, including the founders, or any other member of the team is paid a base salary or hourly wage. With LearnIRL's new innovative profit sharing program, everyone draws out a percentage of the companies net profits as payment for their work.

What is an Independent Agent?
For details on what the difference is between a W2 employee or a 1099 independent agent please check out this article from legalzoom.


LearnIRL offers a variety of support programs to help you accomplish your goals in your community. You will have a team ready to help you in whatever challenges you face.

Early Stage Startup

LearnIRL is in the very early stages of our initial launch. You will be one of the original members of our founding team. We don't take that lightly. We will not be able to start this business without your dedication and help. Every early stage team member will be offered vested equity shares in the company in addition to the huge amount of space for quick growth and early promotion.

If you have a passion for making a difference in the world, & are ready to join our team and grow LearnIRL into an integral part of your communities and into a worldwide program please fill out the form below to schedule a conference call video interview.

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