Personal Finance Workshop


Personal Finance Workshop


6 one hour classes at $25 Each
Total Course for just $150

When & Where

Location: Rockwall, TX

Tuesday & Thursday Evenings from 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Evenings of 10/3, 10/5, 10/10, 10/12, 10/17, 10/19

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What you will learn

Through this course you will create and integrate financial practices to help you accomplish your goals by developing skills such as:

  • Plan for retirement
  • Budget for vacations
  • Get out of Debt
  • Explore ways to increase your earning potential
  • Set up a complete individual or family budget
  • Learn how to effectively use personal accounting software
  • What is insurance and what kind do I need
  • Emergency preparation practices
  • Investment opportunities for all budgets
  • Create a financial plan to follow and accomplish your long and short term goals

How you will learn

LearnIRL takes a completely different approach to learning. No hypothetical "make believe" scenarios here. Just real world, hands on, practical application.

During this workshop you will create your own, personalized financial plan under the guidance of an industry expert from the real world. 

You will be given the knowledge, skills, and professional guidance you need to create a complete financial plan to help you achieve your goals no matter where you are in your current financial situation.

What you will need

  • A Laptop with WiFi Capabilities