How to build a Website for Beginners


How to build a Website for Beginners


6 one hour classes at $35 Each
Total Course for just $210

When & Where

Location: Rockwall, TX

Tuesday & Thursday Evenings from 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Evenings of 9/12, 9/14, 9/19, 9/21, 9/26, 9/28

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What you will learn

Through this course you will learn how to develop a desktop and mobile friendly website. Anyone that can send an email can learn to build and maintain their own website to help bring in new customers, advertise and sale your products, automate scheduling and reservations, and accomplish many other of your unique goals. This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to be able to:

  • How to choose your web hosting provider
  • How to procure your domain name
  • Choose a development platform
  • Create a site that displays your passions and products to the world
  • Effectively plan your website's design to optimize your customer's experience
  • Fast upload practices
  • Create online stores complete with shopping carts and checkout
  • Integrate 3rd party platforms to boost your marketing efforts
  • Customize online booking and scheduling processes through 3rd party vendors
  • Set up merchant accounts to process online payments safe and securely

How you will learn

LearnIRL takes a completely different approach to learning. No hypothetical "make believe" scenarios here. Just real world, hands on, practical application.

During this workshop you will create your own website under the guidance of an industry professional.

You will be given the knowledge, skills, and professional guidance you need to create a complete website for your personal use or business venture.

What you will need

- A Laptop with WiFi Capabilities
- A business, project, or passion to create a website for