The LearnIRL Teaching Philosophy

No Boring Lectures

Only Real World Guided Application



Get Paid To Grow Your Business & Attract New Customers By Sharing Your Knowledge & Hosting a LearnIRL Class


Get Paid

$100 per One Hour Class

That's right, $100/hr starting out. LearnIRL Teachers who maintain at least a 4 star rating can earn up to $400 for each hour long class they host. No catch. No sign up fees. No Membership costs. Just Income.



We Bring Them To You

 We handle all the scheduling, marketing, and payment processing so you can focus on teaching and building relationships with potential long term clients.

Indirect Advertising

Spreading The Word

Establish yourself as an industry expert as we promote your name and your class to tens of thousands of people in your community who use our site and see our ads.

How It Works


Class Length

Each LearnIRL Course is a total of either 4, 6, or 8 hours long.
Each Course is broke up into 1, 2, 3, or 4 hour long classes.
Classes can be held once or twice a week.

Hands On


No Lectures, just practical application. Students are attending your class for the personalized approach they are promised through the LearnIRL platform. Each class should be them actively working on the projects and material that matter to them, under your professional direction.


Your class is an opportunity to share your passion and wisdom with the world in the way you believe can have the biggest impact. Your class curriculum is your own intellectual property, and is unique to you and your class.
If you need help putting your passion into a basic class outline You can work with our professionals to help you make the perfect course.


Class Size

LearnIRL classes must have a minimum of 5 participants to be held.
In order to ensure students have a personalized experience there are no more than 18 total students in each class.


Host the Class in your place of business to bring students and potential customers right through your doors. Don't have your own facilities? We can help with our options, or you can utilize one of the many other unique options available in your community like your local library, churches, YMCA's, etc. 

How You Get Paid


LearnIRL Teachers start out earning $100 for every 1 Hour Class Session they teach. So a course made up of 6 one hour classes will pay a total of $600, 8 classes = $800.
LearnIRL teachers are paid every Friday, a week behind the classes they have taught.


Teach Any Subject You Want,
Or Choose From Any Of The Following:

How To Get Started

Step 1

Sign Up
Create your class, choose your location, and plan your LearnIRL course.

Step 2


Get paid to provide members of your community a real life, practical, learning experience.